As a nurse...

"You will be a leader, an advocate, educator, caretaker, role model, and hero...

When you speak, others will be prompt to listen...

When you act, others will intensely watch...

Your life will immediately change when you accept your call to become a nurse...

Together we will view the world through our unique nursing lens."

I look forward to you joining us!

- Your Soon To Be Colleague,

Santisha Walker, RN, MSN, CWC

A personal message


As you aspire to your life's goals, it is essential to connect with individuals and groups that can supply valuable guidance on your journey!

Santisha is excited to offer a 6-Month Mentorship Program providing insight, guidance, connections with beneficial resources and networking opportunities for the nurse to be! Each 6-month round will allow 5 selected mentees to be paired with a nurse that best fit their future endeavors. Santisha's desire is for you to remain balanced and thrive as you work towards your heart's desire of becoming a nurse!


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