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"As a nurse and wellness coach, my greatest passion is assisting others in reaching their full potential along life's journey by leaning their focus toward living a healthy and totally well life! To reach true health and wellness, you must incorporate some level of physical fitness along the journey. During the 2020 pandemic, I faced both physical and mental challenges and I learned a valuable lesson when it comes to my own physical health and wellness. I have learned to fully embrace the significance of incorporating fitness, maintaining a positive mindset, and paying attention to the power of my own words. I believe in offering valuable resources and I am excited to share this part of my life through the I AM Experience!"

-Santisha Walker

A fitness and athleisure apparel line offering wellness support. The mission of The I AM Experience is to deliver a fitness and wellness experience empowering individuals to intentionally cultivate the best version of themselves within, reflecting out to the world. The ultimate vision of The I AM Experience is to offer high-quality fitness and athleisure apparel and supportive wellness products that will enhance your journey to express the fittest and most well version of yourself.

The I AM Experience is an exclusive fitness and wellness journey. Find out more here.

Developed by Santisha Walker, The I AM Experience focuses on real life issues and connects with your mind, body, and soul. This journey is not centered on a false reality of perfection. It is all about reflecting to the world your uniqueness and adding your own stamp of approval as you feel your best and live your well life. 

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Take a quick glimpse.

Click here for The I AM Experience.

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