Santisha has received many “how to” questions since launching her company, Walker Group Health & Wellness, and building her own brand. She understands the need for useful solutions to a problem or to simply have someone to bounce ideas from. Therefore, she is offering the opportunity to connect with you directly and discuss various topics.


Whether your topic is related to your health and wellness, or general business, entrepreneurship, marketing, branding questions, or social media and networking related questions, or becoming an author, etc., Santisha is availing herself to offer guidance. As a Registered Nurse, Certified Wellness Coach, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Author, Santisha takes pride in providing useful information you can immediately put to work.

Santisha's consultations are not just for nurses. They are set aside for anyone seeking practical knowledge they can effectively utilize to enhance their health, well-being, business, career, and relationships.


Santisha looks forward to connecting with you!

1-Hour Consultation

  • If you need to cancel your session with Santisha, you have up to 24 hours from making your investment to cancel and receive a full refund. After 24 hours, no refunds are provided for cancelled sessions.