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This e-booklet can be conveniently taken with you wherever you go and is an easy to follow, down to earth approach to navigating today's healthcare system. Based on Santisha’s nursing experience and healthcare professional knowledge, it empowers you to effectively advocate for you and your loved ones health needs as you interact with your care team.  


Majority of the questions Santisha has received as a Registered Nurse have a similar theme and seem to point to two main topics: seeking clarity before and after communicating with the care team, and needing guidance as answers to questions are being sought out. Therefore, this ebooklet was created with 3 groups of individuals in mind:


1) Those who have had a challenging time navigating the healthcare system.

2) Those who find themselves feeling perplexed when the need arises to make health-related decisions for themselves and a close friend or family member.

3) Those who may feel a bit intimidated when it comes to having a face-to-face or personal conversation with their physician and care team about a specific topic, procedure, or medication they are unfamiliar with.


Understanding both worlds of being a healthcare consumer and healthcare professional, Santisha's desire is for this e-booklet to serve as a valuable resource you can take with you to appointments, and use anywhere at any time in various healthcare settings, at your convenience.


To ensure you are supplied with the necessary tools to have your concerns addressed and questions answered, this e-booklet offers detailed insight into the following topics:

o   Building confidence as you interact with healthcare professionals in all healthcare settings

o   How to properly prepare & get the most out of your doctor’s appointments  

o   Understanding of your patient rights and responsibilities

o   How to adequately advocate for yourself and family members

o   Knowing your role within your care team and how to effectively lead

o   What to consider as you choose your primary care team 

o   Reputable health websites and wellness resources to use while advocating

o   Questions to ask your primary care team in various scenarios

o   Post appointment to-do list and follow up tips


Also included is 34 pages of worksheets and exhibits providing general wellness tips and tools to help you and your loved ones maintain a healthy and well lifestyle as you work with your care team. These tools offer information on:

  • Boosting your immune system
  • Stress recognition and management 
  • Organization and planning techniques
  • Nutrition and meal planning 
  • Physical activity tracking
  • Sleep hygiene education and implementation
  • Scheduling rest
  • Scheduling time to celebrate


Santisha's goal is for you to not only seek justice, but also have the essential tools to properly care for your own health and wellbeing. She believes in your ability to live your best life and has made this priceless information available for those wanting to get the best out of their healthcare experience for themselves and their loved ones. Simply download this e-booklet to your phone, tablet, or your electronic device of choice and you have these valuable nuggets right in your hands at all times. Santisha counts it an honor to share her knowledge with you in this space!




"I love this e-booklet! It's helping me feel more confident in my role in the healthcare process as a patient. I noticed I was only on Chapter 2 and it was keeping my attention! I like how a lot of information is included but it doesn't feel overwhelming. It's very easy to follow and understand."

-Tiffany H., Raleigh, NC


"This guide couldn't have come at a better time. I recently found out that my sister has cancer. I appreciate having all of this professional information. I am in awe of Santisha's dedication to helping others."

-Elizabeth M., Wake Forest, NC


"This book covers every area for healthcare and wellness. I call it my wellness bible for knowing your body and taking your health back to its proper place as much as possible. I am proud Santisha has shared this powerful knowledge. The next step is to apply the knowledge. I will be reading it at least once weekly. I love this book because I am a firm believer in knowing your body and taking care of what The Most High has given us."
-Vivian W., Raleigh, NC


"Very informative and a must have book to add to your daily reading collection."

- Barry T., Raleigh, NC

Seek Justice & Care For Your Health: An Advocacy Guide For Patients & Families

  • This ebooklet does not substitute any medical or psychiatric diagnosis or treatment, but is intended to serve as a valuable resource to guide,  educate and provide information to work in conjunction with your healthcare team to help make healthcare decisions. 

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