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Santisha believes every aspect of life has a starting point and values understanding a concept's origin. The final outcome of anything is only as strong as its foundation.
Santisha believes in all things being properly aligned for maximum function. She values bringing balance to every situation life may bring, as this is the perfect representation of life's natural flow.
Santisha believes we were put on this earth to thrive. We can accomplish our heart's desires if we understand the foundation of our desires, and live a balanced life. She values witnessing everyone and everything around her thrive.

"Helping You Reach Your Goals & Live Out Your Dreams"




K. Guyton, LPN

Raleigh, NC

"I invested in a Pick My Brain session with Santisha Walker in hopes of learning how to use Social Media to boost my brand. She more than exceeded my expections! Santisha answered all of my questions in great detail and walked me through each step by sharing her computer screen. She went beyond my inquiries and provided additional information that would help me reach my goals. I love that I was able to complete the session from the comfort of my home and that even though we weren't face to face I could sense that Santisha was excited to help me. Santisha is very warm and easy to talk to as well as understand. I truly appreciate the knowledge and look forward to working with her again as I transition from a nurse to a nurse entrepreneur!"

C. Vergis

Durham, NC

"I really loved your chapter in Stethoscope and A DREAM. It resonated with me at the exact moment I needed it. I am a person that has literally given my life to my job and I have felt physically and mentally exhausted as you mentioned you did in your first nursing job. The burden and burn out that you discussed felt so similar to what I've been feeling. I also have been feeling that strong intuition you wrote about to make a change. I am so glad I decided to get this book from you. You've done more than you even know!"

T. Grubbs, RN

Fro Grow Team Member


"It was a real pleasure to speak with Santisha. She listened and provided valuable feedback with several specific ways that we could approach marketing our education, support and products for people suffering from hair loss. Thank you Brandnista for providing expert advice!"

"Special thanks to Santisha for adding so much value to me, for giving me the free webinar training, and always responding so fast when I need clarity"

"I was so encouraged by your webinar material. Glad I could tune in! Thanks for the encouragement in finding my niche in nursing!" 

"I'm looking forward to learning more from you on becoming an entrepreneur and creating my brand."

M. Loera

Raleigh, NC

"I received your book! Thank you so much for sharing these lessons and stories with us your public and for your lovely message. I feel very fortunate to have met such an amazing, hard working person!"

A. Grubbs



"Very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend her services. When starting a business it's almost like you're on a plane alone, its comforting to have someone like her with postive energy and knowledge  to help your business reach a new level! Thanks so much for the level up!'

R. Nicholas

Durham, NC

"I've only gotten through the first few pages of Stethoscope and A DREAM and I've been captivated by what I've read so far! Very thought provoking, especially the part where you invite your readers to reflect on their life and desires. I'm hoping for some time soon to kick my feet up and get through the rest of the book, hopefully at a beach!"

T. Hatton

Raleigh, NC

"I sought out Santisha for her coaching services several months ago. Over this period, I've experienced a major shift in my brand! The results have been phenomenal! After several of her "Pick My Brain" sessions I've developed a clearer understanding of what my brand should look like. I've even become more decisive as an entrepreneur. Her sessions have helped me develop more confidence as an Image Consultant & Stylist, as well as an aspiring Author and Inspirational Speaker. During each session, Santisha took her time and used her expertise  to understand my concerns and thoroughly answer each and every one of my questions. On occasion she would even throw in a few extra nuggets for me to hold on to and think about when working on my own. I can honestly say that with Santisha on my side I've seen results I know I would not have otherwise! Her approach is very easy going yet motivating. She is thorough, reliable and very personable! One thing is for certain, I intend on using her services going forward in the future!"

Amazon Review: "This is my first read by this author. I purchased this book  (Stethoscope and A Dream) because I wanted to familiarize myself with this book because of all the transparency. In this life sometimes all you need is to hear it from someone else to make your dream come true. After reading the acknowledgements my heart beats stronger. Unbelief is no longer in my vocabulary, anything is possible. Life is definitely a dream. After reading this amazing book, my dreams are bigger and better than before. Thanks Santisha Walker for writing such an amazing read!!! Please get your copy. You will not regret it.'"

"Powerful & unforgettable. This young lady has impacted my life in so many ways! She is very patient and enjoy what she does best - helping and educating others. I'm so proud of the person she has become and still becoming! Keep moving Santisha!"

Vivian, RN

IG: @the_alpha_nurse


Diane, RN

IG: @dleigh.nurse


Christy, RN

IG: @datmodernafricanurse


J. Crudup

Zebulon, NC

V. Weaver

Raleigh, NC



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"Helping You Reach Your Goals & Live Out Your Dreams As A Nurse"



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